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Our Services

Mosaic Built Environment

Mosaic Built Environment

Mosaic New Construction

Mosaic New Construction

1401 H Street

1401 H Street

Mosaic Fall Protection

Mosaic Fall Protection

Built Environment​

Property Condition Assessments

Leak Evaluation


Parking Garages

Structural Engineering

Exterior Wall and Windows

Rope Access

New Construction

Peer Reviews

Design Assist

Construction QA/QC



Forensic Investigations

Expert Testimony/Witness

Roof Anchors, Davits, and Tiebacks​

Compliance Audits

Load Testing


Use Plans

Mosaic Engineering and Consulting provides custom, specialty engineering services for buildings and structures throughout the world. Our team has a track record of providing practical solutions for commercial, industrial, government, hospitality, and residential owners and managers. 

Contact the professionals at Mosaic to learn more.

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