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(Cover) Limited-Plaza Renovation

St. Asaph Square

Roofing and Waterproofing

Completed application of hot rubberized-asphalt waterproofing membrane

Completed waterproofing application and water testing at plaza planter

Concrete and brick finishes replaced at the limited-plaza renovation area

Deteriorated waterproofing elements were present at the plaza

Overview of completed limited-limited plaza renovations

Client Name:                     

St. Asaph Square Condominium

Project Location:             

Alexandria, VA

Project Elements:           

Concrete slab restoration, hot fluid-applied waterproofing, brick masonry, and joint sealant replacement.

Scope of Services:           

Mosaic assisted the owner with evaluation, design, bidding, and construction administration services during a limited plaza renovation project. The project was intended to help the Association understand the potential costs, disruptions, and impact on the building and the residents of the larger-scale plaza renovation project.


Client Benefits

1) Developed detailed construction documents to accurately specify the required waterproofing and plaza renovation designs and repairs.

2) Construction oversight services to provide documentation to the owner that the project was constructed in accordance with the specifications.

3) Assisted with “lessons learned” in preparation for a larger project to complete the remainder of the plaza renovation project.

Project Summary

The St. Asaph Square Condominium property consists of a four-story building containing 108 units. Originally constructed in 1982, the property includes a central plaza and swimming pool courtyard with planters around the perimeter. A parking garage is located below the plaza. 

The community desired to perform a plaza renovation to repair the deteriorated waterproofing, finishes, and planters. Mosaic was retained by the Association to assist with a limited plaza renovation project to help the owners gain a better understanding of the anticipated repair activities.

Detailed construction documents were prepared that specified the necessary repairs, products, and construction limits. During the construction, Mosaic discovered the contractor to be installing an incorrect product and required the contractor perform the repairs as specified, thereby allowing the owner to receive the correct product. 


In the end, the community was provided with valuable insight into the construction efforts required to perform the desired renovations.

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