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Residences at Station Square

Roofing and Waterproofing

Installing base flashing products

Field membrane repair encountered during flashing installation

Base flashing for roof and pitch pocket for conduit

Grease guard installed at restaurant exhaust

Re-coated and protected metal ductwork

Client Name:                     

Residences at Station Square

Project Location:             

Arlington, VA

Project Elements:           

Repair and replacement of roofing components due to normal aging.

Scope of Services:           

Mosaic assisted the homeowners association accomplish a roofing repair project to address aging issues for the building. The project included replacement of base flashing at the perimeter of the roofs due to adhesion failures.  Other roof related items were also addressed as part of the project: grease guard installation at the restaurant exhaust, pitch pockets at conduit penetrations, coating of deteriorated HVAC ductwork for protection.

Client Benefits

1) Costs for the work performed were based on an engineered scope of work from reputable contractors.

2) Repairs made to address deteriorating items, positioning the property for long-term service of the roofs.

3) Construction monitoring provided assurance of quality installations.

Project Summary

The building was experiencing aging deterioration of base flashing products at the roof.  The community was made aware of the deficiencies as it conducted its reserve study. 


The community decided to solicit bids for the repairs from construction contractors, but the scopes and prices of responses varied widely. So, it asked Mosaic to assist with the preparation of an engineered scope of work.  After soliciting bids for the Mosaic scope, a selection was made from a close grouping of prices.


Mosaic provided construction monitoring services during the construction to confirm the work was conducted in accordance with industry standards.

Mosaic provided consultation during the construction to address non-standard conditions that were encountered. 


Mosaic facilitated progress meetings during construction and reviewed payment applications.

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